More Emu-wrens, more Quail Thrush. More of everything!

Friday July 29, 2011

The first stop on our day seeking elusive Red Centre target birds was to a classic spot south of Alice.

Rufous Crowned Emu-wrens and Dusky Grasswrens were gotten very quickly allowing us to move on to a spot I'd located earlier in the week where Cinnamon Quail Thrush have appeared. A nice male showed well for us breifly while his ladies peeped to him from the thick grasses- these birds are having a boom season right now but due to the thick vegetation they can be murder to find! Luckily my site is proving to be quite reliable, and the closest to Alice by about 150km!

After another quick stop to enjoy a perky Spinifexbird we set off to our next location back close to Alice for Slatyback Thornbill and Redthroat which we finally got after a satisfying search through some recently burnt land:our woodland friends are big fans of cooler grass fires- they expose lot of food without killing the trees. 

A quick diversion to a suburban location to enjoy a friendly bowerbird later we set off for our biggest challenge of the day: a grey honeyeater (or two).




Written by

Mark Carter